Dreams Care India is a registered Non-Government & Not-For-Profit Charitable Organization, established by a group of committed social workers and volunteers in 2015 registered under Public Charitable Trust. The organization works for Health & Hygiene, Sanitation, Environment, Educational, Rural development, Skill development /Vocational Training, Women empowerment and etc. various programs for needy peoples in the community.

Dreams Care India continues making efforts for the betterment of marginalized, deprived, vulnerable, ignored section of society by giving them a platform through its creative programs and activities. It believes in the dignity of people and their capacity to overcome their problems; it words with the poorest and the most vulnerable in their struggle against poverty, sufferings, and injustice.

Our approach is to address the health, education, environment, economic, cultural issues of the society. Dreams Care India aims to facilitate for the self-sufficiency and overall development of all irrespective of caste, creed and gender.

Dreams Care India in Rajasthan India works in diversified activities like integrated community development in nonfarm and farm sectors through sustainable livelihood promotions, awareness creation, capacity building, skill development, sustainable livelihoods, rural & agricultural development and slum development. It also provides relief to victims of atrocities, harassment and natural calamities like drought & floods.

The aim to see that no human being is deprived of his basic needs because of poverty and the organization also sees to support and nurture the talents which cannot avail of proper facilities because of poverty. Dreams Care India works for integrated community development programme in the area of health & hygiene, education, sanitation, environment, skill development trainings, solar energy, generate employment, opportunities for unemployed, poor and needy people by developing income generation activities.